24 Jul 2009

Munky Clan - America's Army

The Munky Clan was an America's Army squad formed by Insight in February 2003. The aim was to make a clan with only one rule - to have fun.

Well we did have a great time, had lots of fun, made friends and lost friends.

The clan reached a peak in April 2004 after which there was a major bust up from which it couldn't be recovered, despite the efforts from those left behind.

Read more about the history here.

At that time, the "elders" (we had no leaders, no hierachy, just old timers to help run the clan) were these guys:


All the Munky's were:

Airbourne, APOSTOLIS, Band-Aid, Banzai, Blazing-Wolf, Bulgy, Chewy, Dark-Horizon, Devious-Woman, droush, Drunky, EbolaDeath, EminemD12, Filthy_Pleb, Flip__, g-core, GeoFaster, Immaterial, Insight, Joe90, Mad-Bad, METAL69SLUG, n2deep, Necro, ODM,PaveHawk, PoWeR, Scope, Setzar, SlimShady313, Snaggle, StealthRaptor, Struga, TEXAS_Killa, Unkle, USAF_Raptor and Webjocky.

Quite a few of us got together again around December 2004 for a last bash with the AOG clan (Army Ops Girlz) who Devious Woman had left Munky to join. It gave good closure to us all, and helped old friends come together again.

I hope I've given a fair recount of the Munky days, and would love to hear from a few of the old gang. I know some of you are still around.

Screenshots from the reunion:


webjocky said...

I couldn't have put it better myself - amazing job peicing this back together!
I'll see what I can dig up to add...

Kerry said...

wow truley awsome didnt realise u still had all this stuff :D i really miss the good ol days, web u got copies of us all in line having our pic done think we was at i think it was water treatment?

cant wait to see it all web, have u got a copy of munky mirc still?