24 Jul 2009

Munky Clan - The Rise and Fall of an America's Army Squad


History of the Munkiverse Part 1

« on: February 10, 2004, 10:41:26 AM form [MUNKY]Joe90»

If you want to know the History of the MUNKY clan, then read this, especially the post by Insight.

Insight was the original Inspiration behind the clan.

(This thread was originally posted on our old website on our first birthday, and has been copied here for new members who are interested in how MUNKY came about)

ONE YEAR ago, the Munky Web site was created by Insight. That was right after the founders got together and decided to jump out of another clan to form something extraordinary.

Why all that happened, I am not altogether sure. I was an AA noob and just got accepted in the 'other' clan. Then I realised what was happening with Munky and signed up right away. Maybe we will get the proper and full story of exactly what happened from one of the remaining founders. I certainly would love to hear it.

Well things went great for a bit, but as with every great start, then comes the end of the honeymoon period. People started leaving and the game itself became infested with cheats. Well, Punkbuster sorted most of that out. But what got Munky going again? It was all the dedicated Munkies that remained, but I have to give the greatest credit to one man that really kicked us back into shape. That man has now been elected once again to be an elder with 9 votes. A big thanks to Airbourne.

In September, we really had to get organised if we were to make it through. We never wanted to make Munky regimented or that strict. Well, we had one of those original and brilliant Munky magic ideas on the way forward. The Man behind that was Webjocky and totally supported by Airbourne. And its great to see Webjocky elected again with 13 votes!

Now we have some new faces coming into the Eldership. A man who was floating about the Munky clan and impressing us with his SAW action, and interrupting normal thought processes with ever new crazy and mad thoughts. Then, in a swift recruitment drive he took on the tag and has now been recognised for his contribution with 10 votes to be a new elder. Welcome Mad-Bad!

And the other new face, well, just look at who is the most active poster in the forums. Who keeps us in touch with all the gossip, and lets the world know about Munky. Oh, and of course, she shoots pretty good for a girl. We all love her, and a great friend and family member of Munky. 13 votes makes Devious-Woman the next Elder.

Oh yer, and you still need an old hand to keep the young boys and noobs in line. So thanks from Joe90 for the 13 Elder votes.

So, today at 1.21pm GMT, exactly 12 months from when Insight created the web site, the new Elders will take up their positions:

Airbourne, Webjocky, Mad-Bad, Devious-Woman and Joe90.

Every other active Munky is still totally involved in the family and will, I know, continue to Contribute. A special mention to Scope who got 8 votes but decided to stand down from the Elder role for now. Other Munkies who got votes were g-core (2), Immaterial (1), Setzar (1) and George got a rogue vote too!

Of course, we thank the Elders that are standing down. Apostolis and Power are not as active in the clan for various reasons but will continue to wear the tag and we hope to play and chat to them for some time to come.

One year down, lots more to go, and I'm proud to be in the family.

« Reply #10 on: February 14, 2004, 05:11:39 AM from Insight»

Hi Munkys, Munky lovers and general primate fanatics,

Airbourne pointed this post out to me just now and, long as it may be, I have read through it and would like to offer up some (ahem, very sorry..no pun intended) insight into how Munky came about.

It all started very early last year in January after I became ill and had to take a few months signed off work. I had been playing Americas Army since just before christmas (BAH HUMBUG!) and had decided it was about time to join a clan.

So, off I went; M16 in hand and banana (which I found quite strange at the time, not knowing what would be) in pocket.

I joined with the aformentioned 1st Infantry Division, so Army like in its ways, ranks, medals, badges... it all seemed very exciting. It immediately became clear to me who were the good guys in the clan (Power, DarkHorizon (aka Brain Dead who recruited me to the 1st) Blaze, Phantom (aka Snaggle), Scope (who i recruited to the 1st),Geo_Fastar (so very very mad, Mad_Bad would have gotten on very well with him) and EbolaDeath, apologies if I left anyone out) and I started getting on really well with them all.

Then came CalmTerror, the gloriously ignorant and infantile XO who was determined that England was not a country and likes wearing make-up (no, really!!). Lets just say we didn't get on ever so well and hurled abuse at each other on a regular basis.

After precisely 1 match (in which we had prepared no tactics for and as a result failed abismally) and 0 practices I was starting to get a bit hacked (i'm not sure if i can swear in MUNKY anymore) off knowing the ability of the players around me.

EbolaDeath and I got talking one day in a roger wilco (ahh the crackles...the fuzz...gr8 software) session and he mentioned starting our own clan and being joint leaders. We went on to talk to some other trusted members of the 1st about it in roger wilco and we received strong backing from everyone present. We wanted to create FUN clan, yet one that could play well together as a team. I wanted MUNKY to have a good reputation and a good laugh playing, afterall, games are meant to be fun.

So, MUNKY was formed...(MUNKY, by the way because I like calling people monkey (Oi you Monkey!!! put that down!) and MUNKY seems a far more sensible way of spelling the word based on how it is pronounced, also cos i reckoned no-one else would call anything Munky ('til Munkys-Uncle appeared of course)

« Reply on: April 1, 2004, 06:53 PM from Zatuzi»

Okay, here it goes -

Well, where to start...Insight joined the [1st] in the winter of 2002 (correct me if I'm wrong), along with some other future Munkys. Back then, we had RW, and had to deal with that crap. Well, we all used to say "Munky" whenever it felt appropriate, and it seemed pretty amusing. I laughed whenever I heard it, as did a lot of others. You see, back then, we had a LOT of members - and trust me when I say a lot.

So Matchu had a helluva time trying to keep track who was and wasn't active. We recruited a lot of people, and a lot of whom didn't have too much time to play, which was a BAD mistake. Then, as Insight mentions in his history, came Calm Terror. I used to think he was pretty cool - he was a decent player, but always had a bad attitude. And Insight wasn't kidding around when he said he wore makeup, because he did. He posted a picture of himself on our forums...kinda creepy.

ANYway, Insight and I and a few others were getting tired of the way the clan was going, seeing as Matchu wasn't the best of leaders. So I joined RW one day to find Insight, Joe, and some others discussing how they wanted to break off and create a new clan. At this period of time, this sounded like a great idea, and I SERIOUSLY considered it. But as I thought back, I remembered how good of a guy Matchu was, and how he's a friend. So I decided my loyalties were with the [1st]. Well, it seemed (obviously) that Insight brought his crew and spawned Munky. At first, Matchu and the rest that remained were extremely pissed at you guys leaving, but I was not...I sort of regretted NOT leaving.

Eventually we lost all of our members until it was Matchu, Chripso, Cowboy, ArmyTester and I. We still remained on TWL, but to no avail. Eventually Matchu decided he'd had enough and left...that was in October of last year, I believe. So...there ya go! Feel free to ask any questions.


Re:Handing In My Elders Post

« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2004, 04:54:04 AM »
ODM is right. AB, you make things run. ever since I've been around, all I've heard is AB, do this please, AB, do that please.
You've been a main cog in the MUNKY family, and it really really sucks that you go out like this.
I highly doubt any of us MUNKYs wanna see you, or Joe, out. Especially not over something like this. Everyone makes mistakes...
I don't think inviting DW to play with the Euro Troop should have resulted in this.
So, lets just have a get together, have a drink or two, and talk this out, coz I don't share your opinions on why you had to leave.
Oh, and the rounds are on me

« Reply #16 on: May 03, 2004, 05:23:37 AM »
ffs... i'll be speaking to both of you privately....
and look what you've done, you've turned dotty into explaimationy

« Reply #17 on: May 03, 2004, 06:03:38 AM »
ok Guys I dont want to see either of u leave joe we havent talked much but weve plaied AA together as I team and teamsmates dont Quit on eachouther u need to come back and lets all MUNKIES get together on ts and work it out.
ab sometimes i think i ahve pissed u off but I know its just me(when i get in the game or irc and u decide to leave just as I say
Hi ) I KNOW ITS JUST LOUSY TIMMING ON MY PART cause u do talk to like the outher day when U helped me fix my mike granted it was only temp but u staied up late and helped me that is what MUNKY is about helping eachouther when its need
(and KILLIN PEEPS ) and havin fun.
as for the clan I WILL NOT LEAVE! If yall do ever want me out yer gonna have to boot me.
WE as a clan can get thru this if they dont come back and we will.
This makes me almost too depressed to play aa!
I said almost cause killin always makes me feel better

« Reply #18 on: May 03, 2004, 12:37:29 PM »
You two really dont need to do this.....this was a small fight and needs to be fixed i mean cmon you two are like the backbone of this clan
We love you two and need ya back Please come back

« Reply #19 on: May 03, 2004, 01:08:31 PM »
Guys, this is the worst way for you two to work this out, or so it has been said. You two are two of the most important and hardworking in this clan, and we need you. Now, it's your decision to make, but I think you two should come back.

« Reply #20 on: May 03, 2004, 04:13:59 PM »
I'm not going to say much, as I've already done everything I can to get both AB and Joe to see each others' point of view.
Joe90 made a decision.
AB didn't like the move.
Joe90 didn't realize he had to "ask permission"
AB blew up about it.
With that said:
Joe: You mean well in every decision you make. I know that, and to me, that's all that matters. MUNKY stands tall on the foundation of people who make decisions based upon "the right thing to do". You'll always be a MUNKY no matter where you go.
I've never seen a harder working recruiter in all my years, and I don't want you to leave m8. Email me soon so I will at least know what's going through your head....
AB: You asshole. You can't leave all this shit for MAD, Scope, and me to figure out! If you quit now you're not only letting down MUNKY as a fun team to be a part of, but you're letting down yourself! WTF?
You've been a part of this for a very long time now. Are you going to just throw away all your hard work? OMG the work you've put into this place!
Yep, this is just a game.
Yep, people play games for fun.
Yep, MUNKY was founded on the basis that we'd be a FUN group.
Yep, FUN, like everything else in the world, can't happen ALL the time. Do you actually think a group of people can agree on everything? I know you better than that. You're a very bright bloke (whatever that word means).
Yeah okay, TWL doesn't work right yet, and yeah, the Elder system has it's flaws. But what system in this world doesn't!!!???
To both of you:
Ever hear the phrase "Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch?"
What about the rest of us? Yeah, the ones who haven't pissed you off?(much )
Are you going to leave us all to rot where we are without TWO legs to stand on?
Well. I said I wasn't going to say much. And I didn't say much about what happend. Screw that. It did, and it's over with.


webjocky said...

thanks so much for archiving this Joe90, brings back such great times.

g-core said...

Now those where the gaming days!
Bummer it is no reality anymore ;-(

But beware! ... somewhere there is a MAD scientist doodeling at a drawingboard! Making some blueprints to build a BAD zoo!

I hope familiar faces will showup...

Greets & Respect to all you MUNKYs

Justin Vance said...

wow this is funny, I was bored and downloaded AA and I still had my tag on so I google the old clan to see what came up and look at this. It's good to see all the old names Unkle, G, Necro, my man Joe90.


Drunk3nM0nk3y said...

Wow! Just had trip down memory lane for a sec! I had a lot fun playing that game with MUNKYS!

Anonymous said...

Where is 602's leading ace Robt Findlay Boyd? Surely here would be the place you would see him memorialized.

[MUNKY]Airbourne said...

That seems like a lifetime ago now, a good lifetime ago.

Cheers for putting this archive up and giving me something to remember and smile about.

Hope all the munky's are doing well in whichever direction life took you.

Would be great to catch with any of you who are still alive!

email uk_airbourne@hotmail.co.uk (bet ya know who it is now!)