3 Aug 2013

My Cars

1974 approx, written off in a crash in Calais - Vauxhall Avenger (dad's car I learned to drive in)

1982 approx, scrapped 1988 approx - Nissan Sunny

 1988 approx, traded in 1990 - Opel Kadett

1990 Dec, written off after being crashed into 1992 - Ford Fiesta 1.1L

1992,  written off by driving over a jump too fast 1992 - Ford Sierra 1

1992, traded in 1992 Aug - Peugeot 305 (no picture)

1992 - Austin Maestro 1.6HL (I can't remember what happened to this, possibly traded in)

1997, written off by driving into a flood 1999 - Rover 218SD

1999, traded in 2000 Nov - Peugeot 405GL 1.6 Estate (only a picture from the advert)

2000, traded in 2001 - Ford Mondeo GLXTD 1.8 (no picture)

2001, traded in 2004 - Nissan Primera 1.6LX

2004, traded in 2005 - Vauxhall Zafira Club 1.6

2005, written off by fire from car behind that was torched 2010 - Mistubishi Carisma 1.6 Mirage

2010, still going strong 2013 - Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 Life


Christopher Marlow said...

on that one car that burnt, they don't think they could of replaced the back bumper and trunk on yours? It doesn't even look like it burnt the inside of your car?


Christopher Marlow said...

Oh and how in the world did your license plate like turn into a clump that's so weird never seen one do that before looks like there's gum stuck over it. Lol